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Got a cold

No2 has a cold. Nothing to run to the doctor about but enough that he is miserable and not feeling like doing anything but lie on the couch. One of the bonuses of homeschooling is that there is no fear of missing school work or other events while you lie on the couch getting better. In fact in our house he will probably spend the day watching good movies and documentaries on the tv – imagine that –  he will be learning while getting better.

Righto better go and see if he needs more tissues and juice.


While reading how to set up WordPress I found this quote. It is very appropriate for what I am doing at the moment – learning so many new skills!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

~Mark Twain

I have had my blog on homeschooling over at blogger for quite some time now. For another reason entirely, I want to learn to use WordPress so here I am.

>Evolution of a blog

>Just like our Home Education is evolving all the time, so too has this blog.
I have been a very bad blogger with this one as I had such grand plans for it, but as is the way with plans, they can often go awry!

Just to fill you in.. this is what I have been up for the last few months
`completed my first Uni subject and receive a Distinction – that was a shock to the system!
`enrolled in another subject – children’s literature – was really going to enjoy that one.
`husband started talking about a move/transfer – oh no not again I said!
`husband puts in for job and life goes on hold for a month of waiting, waiting, waiting
`husband gets transfer – interstate to a city – eek! We haven’t lived in a town bigger than 5000 for over 20 years.
`two months of cleaning, packing, looking for a house to rent, saying farewell to wonderful friends
`the big move – unpack, sort, unpack
`three lots of visitors in 3 months – no one ever came to stay before – they must like the city and being close to Melbourne !
`don’t complete second subject due to the above reasons
`getting used to living in a new town – which is a city, so I think harder to find like minded people
`children adjusting to new house/town
`enrol in another uni subject – currently working my way through it…
`looking at 10s of houses to buy – beginning to think we are too fussy
`find a house, put in offer, to and fro for 2 weeks, sign a 3 month contract (unless the other people find something sooner)
`Christmas, New Year, Heatwaves……

AND here we are…

………….. and so the blog evolves to reflect my current studies on Multi-modal Texts and New Literacies.

Back soon to explain what this is and how it is/can be done in a home schooling setting.

>I searched for Paper Making and it came up with 10 000 results. These included Paper Plane Making. Click on the one you want to watch and the video plays.

To the right of the main video screen you can sign up for a Video Tip of the Day to be emailed to you.

There are lots of categories to search within – even an Education one. I checked out the Homeschooling one but it was all for the US.

Expert Village

Who knows what you will learn from these videos??


>An Australian site and it is free! It has been made free by McDonalds. Certainly makes up for all those chicken nuggets my kids have eaten!!

Maths Online

>These are just amazing! Would love to have a play with them myself. I wonder when they will be out?


Don’t you all want some of your own??


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